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Goats, Veggies, and Superhero's for this family.

This family portrait session was filled with so much fun! We started the session off playing with the families two goats. These girls were hilarious and are definitely part of this family. Lots of jumping, chasing and snuggling with everyone. Owen, Jack, and their dad Caleb spent a little time in the tree house where Owen told me he loves to go to the park with his dad! These boys were so sweet. The goats also had some great things to jump off of in their pen which gave Jack and Owen the best place to pretend they were superhero's! I think this might have been Jack's favorite part of the session.

Next we were off to play in the families little apple orchard where we played hide and seek, one of Owen's favorite parts. This sweet boy is so smart and kind, not only was he picking flowers for his mom but also teaching me about so many things he knew about.

After picking some veggies from the garden we had some great family time in the field behind their house. The boys had a great time and I really got to capture some wonderful smiles from them. One of my favorite parts was how they snuggled with their mom and showed me how special she was to them.

We ended this session with the boys sorting a collection of sea glass, something they love to do. It was great to see them doing this together.

What a great family session! I love being able to photograph things that are special to each one of my families.

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