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A walk around Mackworth

This Family Session with the Hubbard family was so great for so many different reasons. We decided to walk around Mackworth Island because the colors were so wonderful, there was plenty of space to let their 3 children run around and play and one of the the families favorite things to do is walk along the beach and collect treasures. Because we live on the coast of Maine I take our shore line for granted a lot and it was especially fun for me to look at all these pictures and realize what a beautiful place we live in.

We were lucky enough to still have some great fall colors and a relatively warm evening. Peter and Allison's three kids were some of the kindest kids I have had yet. They were truly happy running around and being adventurous and just as happy to snuggle up with each other for some quick pictures. Everyone was up for anything. I think the best part was walking back along the beach when I knew that I had plenty of great pictures of this family and sill not being able to stop photographing them because they were so great with each other and having so much fun.

Families like this are a pleasure to work with and I hope they cherish these pictures as their kids grow up!! It was hard not to put their whole session up!!

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