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Headshots with a new workflow product!

This week I was able to spend some time with a friend who after spending the last 13 years as a stay at home mom is putting herself back to there in the business world. She really was dreading getting some headshots when she came to me to ask about getting some done. It's always hard to put yourself out back out there and even harder when you really don't like getting your picture taken. Well, all I can stay is this beautiful mama needs to get herself in front of the camera more often!! We had a lot of laughs and talked about everything and came out with some really great results.

Now onto the new fun part for me. I was able to use a new product editing these head shots. It's a new workflow from Sleekens. It is for Adobe Lightroom and focus on portrait workflow and lightroom presets. I have to say that after working for just short period of time with these new presets I love them. I especially love the lightroom brushes. Some of the presets are a little crazy for my client taste but there are a lot of quick edit changes that are helpful and then just a little tweaking after complete's the picture. But the brushes are great. For headshots there are so many options to really make the face look "fresh". Easy to use and the final product is great. I look forward to using this product with all my portraits.

Thanks for the great product Sleeklens! Check it out here;

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