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Cherish the moments!

Getting mom in a photo is so hard, usually she is the one taking quick pictures of the kids and dad. When my close friend and amazing photographer, Katie, sent me this picture of myself and my daughter I truly felt blessed. I am always the one behind the camera so I have very few great pictures with me and my kids. This was a great day as we were both playing around taking pictures of my daughter Abbie in some gorgeous light while she played around in her beautiful Belle dress. Katie was able to capture this moment for me and I will cherish it.

Capturing moments like this are so important which is why I love doing what I do. Making memories for families brings me so much joy!! I love to show families (especially moms) the special moments that come out of family portrait sessions. Whether it's a more formal session on the beach or a morning breakfast session at your home these moments happen all the time! Our kids all grow too fast not to have beautiful printed photo's of them to have forever.

The 2017 season is just getting started so if you have never had family portraits done start this year!!!! If you have I'm sure you are so thankful that you have and keep doing it every year! Contact me to inquire about dates and book your session. I would love to give you and your family memories that they will be able to show their kids!!

Mothers Day is coming up soon!! I'm sure mom would love a portrait session with her family!

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