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Everyday Moments, Family Photography

The everyday moments that happen in all our families is usually overlooked. But when we photograph those moments and then look back at them we can almost put ourselves right back in that place and remember what is was like to be in that moment. It usually puts a smile on our face and warms our hearts. To be able to look back at a normal morning or day that we spend with our kids and family and see the special moments that happen is a wonderful and amazing thing. I am loving photographing these family mornings or days, so if your on the fence about a Family Session maybe this type of lifestyle session is for your family!! It can be as simple as a day at home, going to a playground, or riding bikes. They are all wonderful memories.

Last weekend I spent the morning with one of my favorite families in Cumberland. I have photographed the Andrew and Rachel's boys a few times and every time it has been full of laughs and surprises. This time was no different. With 3 boys under the age of 5 we talked about capturing their family doing something that they love to do and that the boys love to participate in. Since Andrew is a chef and the kids love to make pancakes with him (from scratch of course) it seemed like a perfect thing to start this session off with.

I arrived at their home bright and early (everyone still in pj's) and told them to go about a normal morning. Not only was there making pancakes, mixing, tasting and flipping, but to see the boys do this with their dad was amazing. To able to look back and remember things that we will forget like the boys liked to taste baking power or Lincoln loves the smell of coffee or that as Julian is learning to walk he only walks to Oliver is priceless. Seeing the Julian get lost in the shuffle (as most 3rd kids do) and capture him playing in the dogs water bowl was so much fun! Breakfast time, then crazy playtime, potty training, daddy leaving for work, nap time, a little love for Louie, the dog, and getting dressed to get outside before lunch is a normal crazy day for these guys! Now they can look back when the boys get older and remember how wonderful those simple mornings were. It was such a wonderful time to be able to capture all of this for such a great family!! Enjoy the highlights of a great Family morning session!!

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