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A little fishing with my family (personal post) ~ Maine Lifestyle Family Photographer

As most of you know it's pretty hard to get your own kids to cooperate when you want to take their picture. It's even harder when you are always taking pictures of them and they now always get silly in front of the camera. Welcome to my life with my kids!!! As I choose to take more and more pictures of moments and typical things we do as a family, I find that my kids true personalities come out. These are the pictures I want to look at 15 or 25 years from now. I want to remember the way each of my kids acted and what things were special to them.

So a few nights ago we were lucky enough to go to our friends house to do a little stripper fishing. Our friends live in Ocean Park (a fabulous beach and community) which is located on a glorious sandy beach that stretches for miles and connects to Old Orchard Beach. This is how I want to remember our family! I want to remember my oldest son always is cold and has a hood up. And that he always has a stick in his hand, even with a fishing rod. I want to remember my middle son has a passion and love for fishing and never, ever gets cold no matter how wet he is. And that my youngest wants to do everything her older brothers do and loves it when Dad does anything just with her. And at the end of the night she always gets a little cheeky with the camera! Also, the first time our new puppy has ventured into the ocean and smelled her first fish.

So enjoy a little glimpse of my family and remember that these are one of the most wonderful ways of capturing your family together!!! (And they will look great as a big collage on my wall!)

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