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Highlights from an evening on Long Lake ~ Maine Lifestyle photographer

Last night was such an amazing night on Long Lake in Bridgton, Maine with the T Family. It was a super hot day but we were rewarded with a great night and some glorious light at sunset. I felt so lucky to hang out and photograph such a fun family and see the love and playfulness this family of 5 have with each other. I have known Heather and Al for a number of years so it was great to see them with all 3 of their kids and get to know each one of them a little bit better! We decided with a 10, 9 and 2 year old that to have not much of a plan except having fun was the best way to spend the night. They wanted to capture the memories of their family at their lake house so there was paddle boarding, ice cream, dancing, lots of boating, tubing and so many laughs. Hope you enjoy a glimpse of this great family!

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