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Baby girl Lucia ~ In home newborn lifestyle session ~ Falmouth, ME

As much as I love to run around outside with my clients in-home sessions can be truly wonderful. This was so true last week when I had the pleasure of photographing 19 day old beautiful baby Lucia and her parents in their new home. Elsa and Joe just moved back to Maine right before Lucia was born so photographing them in their gorgeous home was just what they wanted. We had a lot of laughs as we let Lucia lead the session. She really was the perfect baby!!! Her bright eyes were amazing as she took in everything around her and then almost as if of cue she feel asleep in moms arms and then in dads arms and we were able to get some great shots of both of them loving on their little baby. It's always so special to see new moms and dads with their first little one and the awe they have for what they have created. Enjoy some of my favorites from such a great newborn lifestyle session!

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