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Dreamy evening in Kennebunk ~ Maine Lifestyle Photographer ~ Patience Cleveland Photography

This session is why I love my job so much!! I am so lucky to have met this family and we are so lucky to have had the evening that we did. I met Jody and her husband at Parsons Beach in Kennebunk, ME, now one of my favorite places ever, and we played until the sun was gone. They have four gorgeous children and I truly enjoyed spending time with each one of them. We ran along the beach, found crabs, periwinkles and jumped in the waves. It was also low tide so we had an amazing amount of beautiful sandy beach to play on. This family just loved being with each other and is was so much fun to see the interactions between all of the children.

At one point I told mom and dad to take a quick walk down the beach, which only lasted 2 minutes until 2 out of the 4 kids ran after them, but I did get one picture of them walking away and there was just the hint of a rainbow over them. It was so special to capture that moment of peace for them. At the end of our session I surprised the kids with huge red lobster lolly pops and I think we got just as many amazing pictures of red sticky faces as we did of play time on the beach.

This session was all about the love and playfulness of one big happy family and just letting kids be kids. Mom and dad had fun playing as did the kids and I was honored to be there capturing those memories for them. It was so hard to narrow down just a few favorites from this session but I tried! Enjoy!!

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