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Extended Pond Family ~ Scarborough Beach ~ Patience Cleveland Photography

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect morning with the extended Pond Family. Last year I was lucky enough to photograph Joanna and Joel and their three kids. This year they wanted Joel's two siblings and their families as well. They all spend different weeks in right on the beach any only have a few days that everyone overlaps. We were able to get all 6 adults and 9 children (ages 2-17) down on the beach bright and early for a fun session with everyone. We started with some group shots of everyone, some family time and then pure cousin fun time in the water!! We even had a super cute family dog join us in the end. To be able to capture 9 cousins having fun together was so awesome. Each family was so fun and easy to be around and no one was afraid of getting wet, which I LOVE!!! I hope these pictures will be cherished and remind this family of how special their time together is as all the children grow up. Enjoy just a few of my favorites from our morning together.

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