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All about Family on Goose Rocks Beach ~ Maine Family Photographer

This Family!!!!! I lOVE to photograph families, but even better is when I get to photograph some of my extended family! Meet my Aunt Dodie, Uncle Orrin, my cousin Sarah, her husband Rich and their kids, William and Mabel. Every year they come over from NH and spend a week at Goose Rocks Beach. Dodie and Orrin flew in from Illinois so this is a pretty special trip for these guys every year. This year it was pretty great to photograph them together and capture such special memories for such special people. You see the love, laughter and pure happiness they all have together. William and Mabel don't realize how lucky they are to have such amazing grandparents right now but when they look back in many, many years at these pictures they will, and they will thank their Mom and Dad for having them!

We had a wonderful evening running up and down Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport, chasing waves, getting sandy, and laughing the whole way through. It was beyond special to spend time with my family and to photograph them!! Enjoy just a few of the many, many memories they have created and now have documented forever!

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