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Last session of 2018 ~ Ocean Park, ME ~ Maine Family Photographer

So of course my last session of 2018 this year was with three pretty great kids - mine!! I was so busy this year thanks to all of my awesome clients that I couldn't get to my own kids until right before Christmas. I always loving shooting my kids on the beach so they can run around and we have great friends that live right on the beach in Ocean Park, ME so that's where we headed. We were also lucky enough to get a warm 50 degree day mid-week in December, so I scooped my kids up from school and ran down to the beach! By the time we got there we had about 30 minutes before the sun went down. But we did get a pretty amazing sunset! We ran, played, my little one might have cried (just a little bit!) and we even got to play with our awesome dog, Olive. So enjoy just a few of my favorites of my own crazy kids. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!!!

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