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March 2019 ~ 365 Days Project ~ Maine lifestyle photographer

Three months down, nine to go! Some days this project is really hard, others it's really easy but at the end of each month when I get to look at what small (or sometimes big) things happened each day it melts my heart. To have these moments of my family and my children is priceless. The moments where you find that amazing pocket of light and make a pretty cool picture you never would have normally just because you wouldn't have brought your camera is a great feeling. My favorite picture from this month came from one window at my sons gym!! Abigail was dancing around to the music and this tiny bit of light caught her and it was just awesome. Never would I have had my camera with me (and never would I have taken it out at the gym) if its wasn't for this project. Enjoy another month looking into our life one day at a time. Looking forward to less snow gear and warmer days!!!

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