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Family Adventure on Frye Island ~ Patience Cleveland Photography

Sometimes last minute plans work out the best! On Wednesday of last week I called a friend asking if she knew anyone who wanted to rent their house on Frye Island in Maine for that coming weekend. Within 2 hours we had house rented and were planning our weekend!! Simply put - we fell totally in love!! This Island was magical. It helped that we got to spend time with other friends we have known for over 15 years and their kids, but each day was beyond enjoyable. The beaches were amazing, the water was warm (oh so warm!!!) and everything was so close we could walk. Golf carts are mostly used on the Island and everyone waves! Painted rocks are hidden everywhere to find and then rehide - a wonderful game for all ages. Our kids swam all day into the night, played with friends and we all fell asleep exhausted at the end of the night. We even had to wake up our youngest 3 times at the end of the night on our way to get ice cream!! We didn't even scratch the surface of all the secret spots on the Island, the golf course, all the kids activities, all the adults activities, the restaurant, the live music and so much more. We can't wait to go back and share more of the love we have for this new wonderful place in Maine we have just discovered!!! Just a glimpse of our two days on the Island.

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