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Enjoying fall with this great family in Falmouth, Maine ~ Falmouth family photographer ~ Patience Cl

It was so great to see this family again this year. Last year we had our session at the beach so this year it was fun to change it up and have some fun running around Falmouth Community Fields. There was still some great fall color around, lots of room to play soccer and even a stop at the playground to end the evening. Each year is so different that I am grateful for families like these that allow me to capture them year after year! And the evening light was just amazing!!!! Enjoy some of my favorites!

girl snuggling mom

family laughing

3 kids

girl playing soccer

kids running

girl and dad

family standing

mom twirling girl

girl black and white

family laughing

boy kicking soccer ball

family smiling

little girls blowing seeds

mom snuggling kids

girl funny face

mom hugging son

kids playing

girl chasing flower seeds

girl portrait

boy soccer ball

couple walking

mom spinning girl

kids running

dad and kids

girl on playground

couple walking

girl running

mom hugging daughter

mom and girls

girl walking away

mom and daughter jumping

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