Maine ballet dancer ~ An evening with Kate ~ Patience Cleveland Photography

I had been looking forward to this shoot since Alexis called me about it way back in March! Her daughter Kate is an amazing ballet dancer and for her birthday her family wanted to give her an outdoor ballet shoot. After a lot of location scouting and planning we decided the first part of the shoot was going to be at Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth and then some beach/sunset shots at Kettle Cove also in Cape Elizabeth. I knew the Fort had so many options, including the gardens, stone walls but I was most excited about the stone forts and the way the light was going to hit them. It gave the the perfect framing for Kate. She opted to wear her point shoes here and then go bare foot on the beach. This whole time Kate had a list of her favorite positions and poses and every time I put her in a different space and told her to give me a new position she knocked it out of the park! We then headed to the beach where Kate continued to amaze me with her leaps and total grace. The sand was so challenging and she did such an amazing job. We went right through sunset and grabbed some great silhouettes as well. I truly had a wonderful time being creative and watching Kate show off her incredible talent. She clearly has put her heart into her dancing and her hard work is paying off!! Kate, you are an inspiration to many and you are a gorgeous dancer - I can't wait to see where your talent and drive take you!

I have so many favorites but I "narrowed" it down to my top 40 or so... enjoy!! Make it all the way to the end to see a special picture I put together just for Kate!!


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